We Should Be Responsible

By Emma Yang

HONG KONG – Zoeng cau fong, also known as Mrs. Wong, came from Fujian province of mainland China, ran a decoration co., Ltd. in Tin Ma Court marketplace 7 years ago. Zoeng’s husband, Mr. Wong has been to Hong Kong for more than 30 years. He built his decoration career from nothing. Few years later, Zoeng came to Hong Kong as well to take care of her husband. 7 years ago, they built such a company named “Yi Ju decoration co. Lid.”, and Zoeng decided to give up her job, and came to help her husband with the company work of serving and connecting with customers.

“It is not easy to get stable footing in Hong Kong, especially when you are doing the decorating work,” Zoeng said. To satisfy the customers, Zoeng and her husband train their workers to do job responsibly in every work aspect. Zoeng set “be responsible” as the basic rule of her company. During these years, they do benefit a lot based the “be responsible” rule.

“Be responsible means we would judge our work at first to avoid mistakes,” Zoeng said, “and if we made any mistakes, we should correct it before the customer realizes it.”

“And that made us satisfied all the customers, so that we never facing none-work embarrass,” Zoeng added proudly.

Years ago, Zoeng got a case to decorate the room in Tin Ma Court. One day, one worker there missed a working process in wall-building. And as soon as Zoeng and her husband noticed that, they asked the worker to rebuild it again. Customer questioned them a lot, such as: “why you take down this wall?” “Will the wall-rebuilt waste my time?” “Will it waste my money?” Zoeng explained that the situation based on their fault, so they would pay the money of wall-rebuilding, and asked the worker to work quickly and efficiently to catch up with the time. Therefore, the customer satisfied with the responsibility of the company. After her house decorating has been finished, she introduced the company to her friend.

Zoeng, looks like other traditional Chinese middle aged mother who devotes her life to her family. She is shy but kind, and in a  little fat shape. She talks not so much, just answering questions, but at every time she talks about her family, she will glimpse her young son, and smiles, shyly but proudly. Asked about the feeling of her life now, Zoeng look at her young son again, smiles, and saying: “I feel very satisfied with my life now.”

  1. Good post! But I think maybe the “P” in ”FujianProvince“ should not be capitalized. And it will be better if you describe the person a little or catch some of her facial expression.

  2. Robin Ewing said:

    I’d like to know more about what exactly the decorating business does as well as her her voice through some quotes. Please also translate all Chinese into English.

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