Summary of Babysitting

Summary of a story of  Babysitting in

By Emma Yang

This radio has 4 parts: prologue, act one, act two, act three. The first 20 minites has just finished the act one part, so I’ll give a summary about the prologue and act one.

The prologue talks about ritual in millions of families every week: kids getting dropped off at the babysitters. And the background information is Christiana, who is the babysitter, took care of four kids: Sarah, Dylan, Elliott and Emma. And in the conversation, Sarah and Dylan complain about babysitter and explain what they can or cannot get away when they have a babysitter. At end of this part, it introduce the whole progress of this radio.

Act One, What Big Teeth You Have. Hillary Frank get the chance to introduce a story about a Peary family in Iraho. Doug, the oldest son in the family has the responsibility to take care of his four younger siblings. However, he does a lot of job in threaten the younger kids which he named the brave test to make those fun for him.



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