Reading Summary of Global and National News Agencies

Reading resource: Chapter 3 Global and National News Agencies



This chapter mainly introduces the history of news agencies, especially the changing relationship between the “global” and “national” news agencies.

News agencies survived as a genus since the establishment in 1835 of the world’s first news agency, Havas in France. National agency development was critically shaped by the evolution of the global agencies. The relationship between the national and the global has shifted in five different development period.

The significant differences between global and national agencies are the sources, audiences, and financial independency.


New items:

As I’m not majored in journalism at university time, it seems everything in this chapter is new to me. So I do learn a lot by reading it. I learnt the development of news agencies especially we have 5 development period times; I learnt the history of Reuters, AP, AFP; I learnt the major differences between global agencies and national agencies.


Questions about this chapter:

Has the War made any contribution to the development such as the hegemony and dissolution of the news agencies?

Why news agencies appeared? What kind of facts lead people made such decision? Why the first news agency, Havas, established in France? Why the Havas turned or gave place to AFP?

Why we now named international and national news agencies instead of global and national news agencies?


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