Young Indonesian Woman in Hong Kong

Nia KHairunisa stand outside the Kowloon Mosque – photo by Emma

By Emma  Yang

HONG KONG – Nia Khairunisa, a 23-year-old woman, young and full of energy with the hope of future life. Like her over 1.3 million Indonesia brethren, she left her family, came to Hong Kong works as a babysitting three years ago.

Khairunisa comes from a Muslim family which contains four people – father, mother, elder brother and herself in Jakarta, Indonesia. Though both her parents and her elder brother had stabilized jobs there, she still chose to come to Hong Kong because “So many people try to find a job in Indonesia, but the job is limited, it is hard to find a job there, especially for young woman like me with little education background ,” Khairunisa said in a peace voice, just like she had totally accepted the life of hers, “In Indonesia, I worked as a babysitting, but only earned 300,000 IDR, equals to 375 HKD per month,” but soon, her voice became vivid, “and in Hong Kong, I work the same, but I can earn 10 times of that. That’s fantastic! And I can help my family now.”

Khairunisa now works as a babysitting. She lives with a Hong Kong family, spend most her time in taking care of a 5-year-old kid, and doing all the housework there. “It’s much easier than what I have done in Indonesia.” Khairunisa  said satisfied and smile shyly.

According to Hong Kong’s policy, babysitters can spend their own time of every Sunday and public holidays. Khairunisa is a Muslim, and at every rest time, she come to the Kowloon Mosque and spend a whole day here just like other Muslims in Hong Kong.  “Here I can meet my friends, I can talk to them and do the pray with them, I feel I’m free, and I like this feeling.” After a while, she added, “And I guess that’s why more than 90% Indonesia Muslims came here to earn a living.”

Khairunisa loves Hong Kong very much. In her mind “Hong Kong is a very good place”, it is clean, beautiful, and most importantly, offered her a job. Have a nice work, and can meet friend in Sunday, Khairunisa  feels “Hong Kong is more free than my hometown. I really enjoy the life now.”


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