Passing on Care and Love

photo by Emma

By Emma Yang

Hong Kong – Like every Sunday afternoon, Mabel Wong, one of tutors in JNMD Club, smiling, and waiting in front of teaching classroom in City University of Hong Kong for her students coming. “Ng Hou!” “Chui gen din young a?” every student come to Mable will have a short talk with her. “That could exam their level.” Wong said with wink-wink eyes.

JNMD Club is a non-register organization, or even not a real organization but a group with tutors and helpers shares the same interest and belief gather together for passing on love and care for foreign students who is new to Hong Kong.

The word JNMD is the Abbreviation of Chinese pronunciation of the phrase “land of Canaan” which appeared in Bible meaning the wonderful place. The founders of JNMD are a group of Christian who has been helped in Canada when they were studied abroad there, after they came back to Hong Kong, they planed to build a same wonderful place here to help foreign language students, mainly the mainland students as they are the largest students’ group, speaking Cantonese and get adapt to the Hong Kong society. To achieve goals, JNMDers arranged not only Cantonese classes, but also warm activities and speeches which related to student’s life and job seeking here.

“It is very lucky that I attended JNMD last year, and the tutors here help me a lot with the language studied and most important, they helped me to adapt to Hong Kong society which I do appreciate very much. So I came here this year as a helper. I hope I can help the new comers just like they helped me last year,” said Lucy, the helper in pink group – as there are too many students, JNMD divided them into color groups for group talking practice.

“I joined the club last year as soon as I hear there is such club existed,” Mabel said, “and after I join in my husband decided to join it as well.” Mabel is a English teacher in City University, and her husband Samuel Chio is a engineer, they are both Christian and do appreciate the aims of JNMD and thought it is what God tell them when in a position, try what you can to help others live a better life.


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