Reading Summary of Reporting Foreign Places

Reading resource: Chapter 11 Reporting Foreign Places


Reporting foreign place means journalists report events which happened on foreign place to their own countries, and it may lead to double misreading which happened as both reporter and readers are hard to read distant context.

Journalistic misreading is one of the double misreading, it occurred due to six specific reasons from reporter’s side, mainly rooted in different context, and of carrying on biases.

But it also has some good effects. First, it means news can now come from anywhere; also, it provides even small governments with potential communications vehicle with global reach; third, journalists coverage of foreign places increasingly impacts on the governance of these ‘distant world’.

New items:

How important the capability of reading foreign context to journalists when they are reporting the foreign news. International reporting is to construct a window on the world to audience, in other words, we can say international journalists are very powerful that they’ve built the worldview of people all over the world. So journalists should try their best to avoid the biases and be objective, accuracy, balance and fair.

Questions about this chapter:

What is victim-villain discourse? What does binary opposition model mean?

Why should we have spin doctor? For what instance it helps shape the news?

With the pace of globalization, more and more citizen journalists appears, they do help a lot to introduce many issues, and i wonder are we still need the journalist who report the foreign place? Will the citizen journalist replace the foreign places reporting in the future?


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