Reading Summary of Continuing Media Controversies

Reading resource: Chapter 8 Continuing Media Controversies


Media controversies were continuing issues of international mass communication. They started with telegraph system appearance and continued until today. Currently, imbalanced global information, as major media controversies, has been mainly discussed in some mainstream organization, such as WSIS which tries to free information, etc.

Western media has dominated global information market as they started first. They have done everything to promote the Western lifestyles, values and others they want to the whole world which caused a lot of problems for poor countries who lack media power, such as, cultural diversity, the digital divide, data protection, etc.

The internet brings up many new medias both extended and challenged Western domination. It has built a “digital divide” between rich and poor which set a new struggle to media control, but also offered platforms for more citizens to express their opinion that breaks the domination at the same time.

New items:

Media controversies are global issue. The organization of WSIS, Voice 21, WTO, G8 are connecting with these issues. The organization sounds powerful but lack of power. The call from those organizations cannot force media must do something. Internet set a new battle for media domination. The information of WSIS, include the background information, what it fighting for, the work it has done, and the relationship with neo-liberalism, etc. Also learn some academic scholars’ names that concerned with these issue: Hamelink, Pickard, etc.

Questions about this chapter:

As Western media has promoted the Western lifestyle and values for a long time, it seems a lot of people believed Western means better. Based this phenomenon, can internet breaks Western dominate finally? Or it just an extension of the real world?

The Organization doesn’t have power to ask media must do something, they can only set a rule or use their impact to influence the media. So, is the call from the organization has any power? Or will the call gives help to the voice of the third world?

Why Western media claimed they are objective and balanced, but never gave an opportunity to the media who may be grown to as influential as they do?

How Western media take the dominate place?


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