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The movie “Back to 1942” exposed a starvation history of China which moved many Chinese.

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“Back to 1942” by Chinese director Feng Xiaogang #storify


By Emma Yang

HONG KONG – The Huffington Post would watch whether to launch Chinese edition due to its worry about the press freedom according to its senior editor under the International Media Salon program yesterday at Hong Kong Baptist University.

When asked about how The Huffington Post would take the Chinese market, Chris Anderson, the senior editor in The Huffington Post said, Hong Kong is a wonderful place, so does China, but they’ll keep watching whether to launch Chinese edition because they are worrying about a lot of things especially the New York Times blocking issue. But “Never say never, China do have potential in the future.”

New York Times has set a Chinese edition recently, but its website has been blocked in mainland for hours since it has published a report about Wen Jiabao’s family wealth. And Mr. Anderson considers this event as a possible sample that The Huffington Post may meet in China.

The Huffington Post only has online edition, and they want to create an environment which a safe community that encourages conversation that when readers see the conversation, they want to participate in. In others words, all comments are welcome in its website even the anti-government words.